Security Appathon Programme

We look forward to seeing you at the Security Appathon this weekend. Due to the short notice of the event we have limited space hence the cap at 40. Incidentally the tickets all went within a few hours and we have had many more enquiries. For that reason, if for any reason you do not think you are able to come for both days this weekend and participate fully please do consider cancelling your ticket to enable someone else to take your place.



RHoKSec Amsterdam 2015

Security Appathon Taarifa Challenge

If you are working on the Taarifa project this weekend, here's some documentation to help you get started:

The main code for Taarifa is currently "Djangorifa". There are installation instructions at , but there are a few changes that I will recommend here.

Security Appathon 26-27 October

SICSA and Scotland Hacks invite you to a "Silicon Valley comes to the UK (SVC2UK)" Appathon 26-27 October.

SVC2UK appathons is not just about coding. We’d like you to encourage teams to focus on building products that solve real-world problems.


Random Hacks of Kindness Cybersecurity Event Report

On the weekend of the 6th through the 8th of September 2013, ScotlandHacks and Geeks Without Bounds paired up to present a special cybersecurity focused hackathon event, part of the Random Hacks of Kindness series of hackathons.

RHoK Sec On Now at IET Glasgow Teacher Building

We spent the morning listening to some great talks about cybersecurity, privacy, law enforcement, and considerations for programmers when we build humanitarian software. After the talks, the project leads for the weekend each got up to give their pitch and let us know why we should work on their project. Everyone had a chance to grab a sandwich and have a chat while they figured out where they would settle in for the rest of the day. Now the room is split into five sections, each table working on project together.

RHoK Ethical Hacking Scottish Higher Proposal

I have taken on board a project to educate the masses of teenagers(at school at higher level) on ethical hacking and the information security industry. The way I want to do this is by pulling together lots like-minded people to create a structured learning plan, including how ethics are going to be put across in a safe manner and how the whole plan can be cost effective.

Sponsor: GitHub

GitHub has generously given us coupon codes for five 1-year Micro accounts that we’ll be handing out as prizes. A Micro account gives you 5 private repositories and unlimited public repositories. (Everyone gets public repositories at GitHub. They rock at FOSS.)

Challenge: Securing Taarifa

The Taarifa Platform is an open source web application for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping. It allows people to collect and share their own stories using various mediums such as SMS, Web Forms, Email or Twitter, placing these reports into a workflow. These reports can then be followed up and acted upon, while engaging citizens and communities.


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